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10-Rules---Chapter-1   10 Rules for Spiritual Warrior chapter 1
10-rules   10 Rules for Spiritual Warriors
DMC   A case of 40 Dangerous Men books - 30% off
CUV   Case of 45 Unveil books - 30% off
M5   Dangerous Men - 5th Edition
C3   Dangerous Men Coaching Guide Package; Includes the book, videos and Coaching guide for group leaders
MU   Man Up! Stickers (2 for $1)
MUT   ManUp T-shirt
STFR-2   Steps Retreat - Taylor U and Indiana boys
STFR-1   Steps to Freedom Retreat April 7-9, 2017
W1   Unveil - for Women 3rd Edition
CW2   Unveil Coaching Guide
CW1   Unveil Package - This includes the Unveil book and the Coaching Guide for small groups and the videos to play before each lesson.
UV   Unveil You are Beautiful sticker (2 for $1)
C5   Young Men's Coaching Guide and Videos for each lesson (this does not include the book)

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